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Islamic Society of Greater Nashua
5 Pine Street Extension, Unit 1C, Nashua, NH 03060
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Donation to ISGN

At this time ISGN is only accepting donations from within continental United States of America.

Other options besides PayPal (with or without PayPal account) using the above Donate button:

Option - 1 Cash
a) You can drop off cash in our donation boxes located inside ISGN masjid. We have donation boxes on the table after walk in from the front door.
b) You can also give the donation to one our committee members in person in the masjid during regular salat times. Please make sure they are committee members and that they give you a receipt.

Option - 2 Pay by Check
a) Paper Check
You can write a check payable to ISGN for the amount you wish to donate. You can drop off the check in our donation boxes as mentioned in Option -1 or you can mail us the check at the following address. Please make sure you include your return address information on the envelope so that we can send you a receipt.

5 Pine Street Extension, Unit 1C,
Nashua, NH 03060

b) Electronic Checks
Some banks allow you to make payments to a payee via their electronic check system. Usually there is no fees associated with it (please check with your bank). You will need to let you bank know that you would like to make a payment to ISGN and give them the address above. Then the bank will generate a Paper Check and mail to ISGN. This option is very easy and most times can be done via online banking. This option also allows you to setup automatic monthly or biweekly payments if you wish to do so. Once we receive the funds we will mail you a receipt.

Option - 3 Electronic Fund Transfer
You can make an electronic funds transfer to ISGN. If you wish to do so please e-mail us at OR call us at (603) 786-7586 so that we may send you the details for electronic bank transfers. Please be patient for a delay in our e-mail or phone responses.